Why I Love Me

‘I am unique. I am special. I am ME.’

Thoughtful Tash one of my blogging buddies recently created a tag called why I love me which is all about self as we all feel bad about ourselves sometimes and this tag is to make us look on the positive side of all the bits and bobs we love.

I feel it is way to common to be commenting on how much we hate certain parts of our bodies and if we talk about how much we LOVE us people automatically assume we are big headed , vain and self- obsessed. We’re almost scared to admit how much we love our quirky personality traits and our cute button noses as we are often self- conscious of our appearances and its time to STOP and start acknowledging all the little things we love about ourselves.

Also thanks Tash for the nomination, it means so much!

I nominate (You may have already been nominated sorry)…









I really hope that all the nominees get around to doing this tag as it is such a lovely one and to anyone I didn’t tag please still feel free to do this as we are all about spreading some self love round here!

The reasons why I love ME-

  • My smile

If you ever see me about, the chance is I’m smiling. Despite me in general just being a happy person I love the way my smile looks, it is definitely my favourite personal feature of my face.

  • My ginger hair

Although ginger hair isn’t very popular I personally really like mine as its quite uncommon which I thinks makes me more unique (along with the fact that I am one of the people with red hair and blue eyes)!

  • My positive outlook on life

I am that person when Monopoly is on at McDonalds who thinks that they’re going to win and always looks for hope in situations where it seems to be lacking.

  • My dimples

When I smile or laugh you see my cheek dimples, I have them on both sides but one is certainly more prominent than the other which I think is partly why I like my smile so much as I think that they’re adorable.

  • My mark on lip

I have a tiny dot of red on my lip which my parents always said was a beautymark but still I hated it as I thought it made me weird and I wished it would fade away. However, as I have grown older I have started to like it and the fact that I’m different from everyone else.

  • My love of reading

I personally love to read, it is one of my favourite ways to spend my freetime and I feel so lucky as I know SO MANY people who hate it with a passion and only do it if its for school. So I’m happy knowing that I can read a book and thoroughly enjoy it.

  • My weird laugh

I have quite a weird high- pitched laugh which I have only recently started to like. This is because I now understand that I cant change it and have started appreciating it, when I laugh uncontrollably I don’t care what I sound like, it means that I’m having fun which is everything.

  • My freckles

Another once loathing of mine but now they add to my eccentric personality and give my face a defining trait I feel and now they’re not that bold but in the summer WOAH! Watch out hehe.

  • Being tall

Quite a lot of these I used to hate with a capital H. This is again of them that I have gotten used to and its rather handy actually to reach things and see more from a higher view? ( I don’t know where I was going with that lol)

  • Myself

I love ME. My non- funny jokes which I laugh at, my family and friends, my personality, my caring soul and what makes me, ME.


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